"The man has the ambition to create Software Products with real value for millions of users"
"Make the impossible possible"

My Background 💪

  • Title: Backend Engineer - Blockchain Architect at Vietnam Blockchain Corporation (VBC) from 2020.
  • Education: Computer Science - Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (Bach Khoa HCM).
  • Skills: NodeJS, NestJS, Microservices, Solidity, Ethereum, NFT, MongoDB, Redis, Docker, RabbitMQ, Layer2, Enterprise-blockchain...
  • Keywords: Enthusiasm - Ambitious - Freedom

Personal projects 🤏



The music player auto play a music in playlist based on your emotion.



The powerful Discord bot with music playback and text-to-speech features.



Chatroom to connect 2 stranger people for chatting with text, picture and video on Telegram bot.

Npm-package @eth-blockchain-helper


The package npm to helps interacting with Ethereum-based networks.

Crypto-copy-trading system


contact me for details

No-slippage decentralized exchange

contact me for details

Something new...

waiting for me

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Thứ 7 (24-12) lúc 9 giờ sáng mình có buổi workshop nhỏ chia sẻ cách viết Smart Contract dùng Solidity, target là chỉ cần biết code là làm được.
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